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A range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment to give you enjoyable cooking experience.. 

About Our Company

Any kind of professional work which needs to be efficiently complete requires equipment. In the same manner commercial kitchen equipment are essential for all the hotels, canteens, restaurants and the places  where food is need to be prepared in high quantity. To hellp chefs as well as companies in achieving maximum productivity, we, Cibotech Equipments Company, has been working in existence since 2011 as a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer. Our range includes Planetary Mixers, Milk Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Bakery Ovens, Display Cabinets, Commercial Fryers, Grillers, etc.

Based in New Delhi, our company supplies kitchen equipment to a large number of restaurants, hotels, canteens, hostels, etc. The equipment we deliver are known for their safety features, modern design, low power consumption and user-friendly functions. Our experienced professionals guarantee quality by conducting strict quality inspection on our products, prior to their dispatch.

Our mentor, Mr. Rajat, has always guided us and bestowed his blessings upon us that led our firm to the position we are in today. Under his guidance, we have gained confidence of our numerous clients and retained their interest on us by continuously bringing innovative changes in our products.

Advantages of Technology in Commercial Kitchen

To make the work of chefs easier, safer and efficient, modern kitchen equipment are used at various places. These appliances have proved to be of great advantage to us such by decreasing the tedious efforts of the chefs that they need to put for making food. For example, the commercial ovens that are available in the market are good for being in service for long hours, capable of working on several temperatures, provide quick cooking and have enough space to place utensils of several sizes in it. Fryers on the other hand, can be used to deep fry everything from french fries to chicken wings and other bakery items.

Research & Development Facility

Research and development is the investigative activity directed by a business to improvise or develop existing products. We incorporate great customer services and research facilities to develop and deliver high quality commercial kitchen equipments. We also conduct R&D tasks to develop our product line and upgrade the manufacturing techniques. Our researches also help us to develop high quality products at low cost and then serve the same to a large number of customers. Further, one another crucial benefits which R&D tasks give us is knowledge about exact requirements of the customers. This knowledge is further utilized by the engineers to create a functionally advanced product range which well fits into the requirements.